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    Thomas Portraits & Caricatures

    Thomas Portraits & Caricatures
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    With 20+ years experience, I do receptions, business parties, graduation parties, prom nights, birthdays, Christmas gatherings, company picnics and weddings.

    Have fun while giving your friends the opportunity to see themselves in a whole new light. Caricatures capture the person's likeness. Drawings can be done in full regalia or doing your favorite activity or sport.

    Caricatures (or portraits) make great gifts, and all you need to do is e-mail me a picture! So, for gift-giving, for yourself, or for an event, call Thomas Portraits & Caricatures!
    One of my friends had a caricature created by Georgiana at his birthday party at Papa's Pizza. To this day he says it's his favorite picture!

    Georgiana's caricatures are fun, and her portraits are phenomenal.


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