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    Debonair Enterprises

    Debonair Enterprises
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    Healthy Living Technologies

    For the Air You Breathe
    the Water You Drink,
    the Clothes You Wear and
    the Food You Eat

    Our technology is unique and our philosophy simple
    Hi Deb!

    21 January 2008

    Thank you so much for helping us out with your Fresh Air
    purifier! As you know, we had burned a
    pot of lentils on our stove and the house filled with black smoke! The smell was
    real nasty; we could hardly
    breathe or sleep! Then, we rented the air purifier from you not even believing
    anything would help the situation.

    It was amazing how fast your air purifier worked! We put the purifier in our
    bedroom using
    your recommendations and in only 3 hours there was a dramatic difference. We slept
    much better that night, the odor
    was gone! It had even taken the odor
    out of our clothes in the closet like you said it would, we were thrilled!

    We will definitely recommend your Fresh Air purifier to
    remove odors!

    Thanks again,

    Karryn & Nathan

    January 25, 2006

    Thank you for the Fresh Air To Go, we can now smoke in our
    new truck and keep the smoke and odor out of it and it works great! And, just
    wanted you to know that I brought the Fresh Air To Go into the house, turned it
    on and that little machine just blew away the two Orecks! We can't wait until the
    Fresh Air unit for
    our home gets here!

    Keith Kandt

    Darrington, WA

    Dear Deb, June 23, 2005

    I want to thank you for the generous trial period of your
    air purifier. I have no special
    breathing problems, but wanted to see how your air purifier worked while I was
    painting in the house.

    It is safe to say it was a great success. I was able to paint with the windows
    closed! I placed the machine in the
    hall, pointing into the bedroom. It
    cleared the air in less than five minutes and kept it fresh the entire three
    hours I was in there. After the
    painting was finished, I put the machine back into the living room. Later that day,
    a friend came to visit and
    never noticed any paint odor at all.

    Thanks again,

    Mimi Shawe

    April 28, 2007

    A few days before Christmas of 2006, a foul odor began to
    emanate from under our house through the heating vents and into the master
    bedroom. It smelled like a large wild
    animal had moved into the walls. With
    not enough time for an exterminator before our holiday guests began to arrive,
    my sister recommended that I seek the expert assistance of a business
    acquaintance, Deb, from Debonair Enterprises.

    In the middle of
    her own holiday preparations, Deb responded immediately to my plight! She arrived,
    sniffed out the scene, and made
    suggestions about the presenting problem, while also raising some appropriate
    questions about the role of air quality on some pre-existing problems.

    I basically
    cannot now imagine living without our air purifier. No more pervasive odors from
    creatures wild or domestic or
    human. We sleep better and the daily
    morning sneezing is a thing of the past.
    The device is quiet, efficient and easy. Deb is a terrific resource, willing to go
    the extra mile to insure
    that we have a safer, happier home. She
    believes in her product and wants to make a difference. Thank you Deb!


    April Welch

    Dear Deb,

    About 3 weeks ago I bought a Fresh Air unit. I
    have terrible allergies, seasonal asthma
    and have been in the hospital for migraines.

    Since I have the Fresh Air on all the time in my home I do not suffer from
    allergies (my head used to fill up with congestion and I would actually get
    dizzy) that's all gone, along with the heaviness I would have on my chest this
    time of the year due to pollen and molds which would bring on asthma.

    Again, I do not have any of this. The migraines I had were due to the allergies
    (pollutants in the air) and I have not had one at all.

    The Fresh Air is SUPER and I recommend it to everyone so they too can be
    relieved from allergies, asthma and

    Thank you!



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