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    Erin Hesby Massage & Hypnotherapy

    Erin Hesby Massage & Hypnotherapy
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    "Uniting the Body, Mind and Spirit"


    * Massage: a thoughtful blend of modalities including Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, Thai, prenatal, chair, reiki and chakra balancing (customized for your bodywork needs).

    * Shiatsu Massage: a traditional Japanese "finger pressure" technique that invigorates and balances the energy channels of the body (as in acupuncture and acupressure).

    * Hypnotherapy: a powerful and safe approach to create the changes you need in your life. free yourself from pain, fears, any stuck habits/patterns/ emotions, weight challenges, smoking, anxiety, insomnia, relationships or enhance sports or any performance, confidence, self-esteem and many more possibilities...

    * Hypno-Massage: combining the relaxing, balancing and aligning benefits of massage with the powerfu tool of inner/outer change brought by hypnotherapy!!

    Call today and mention you saw us in "The Best" for potential discounts on our services.

    Licensed Massage Therapist #7402
    Certified Hypnotherapist


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