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    Wings Seminars

    Wings Seminars
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    Trainings that create profound self awareness, personal empowerment and deep transformational shifts in consciousness, for adults, teens and organizations.

    Founded in 1986
    275 W 5th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401
    A Letter to someone who is not sure about how WINGS can benefit them:Thank you for talking with me today, and explaining your uncertainty about PES. You aren't alone. Most people attend solely based on trusting the person or people who referred them. Many come in nervous and resistant. With rare exceptions, they leave after four days feeling more resourceful, peaceful and excited about their lives...and in many cases, transformed. It was the same for me two years ago...I had no idea what I was stepping into. The things I've learned and the way I learned them have been HUGE for me. I've had the opportunity to witness so many graceful transformations every month...I now know without a doubt that what Wings offers is a gift...the best kind of gift...it gives us back our authentic selves.PES isn't just lecture...it's like no other seminar experience you've ever had. There are many opportunities for interacting with the other participants in fun, interesting and meaningful ways. It's one of the things people enjoy most: connection. Joy Wilde


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